Overwatch Sells out

Overwatch is just about as far as a game can get from being “indie.” Blizzard Entertainment is one of the most successful and largest game companies in the world. Though their games are famous for being unique and fun, they lack the messages that smaller games often take pride with. Instead Overwatch went the arguably more successful route. They created a first person shooter that, despite the unique gameplay, is easily recognizable.

Though Overwatch never promised to deliver any sort of political or humanitarian message, it is often nice for a game to at least try to make a statement. Instead Overwatch took a pass and worked its own story. This is a disappointment because Blizzard is such a large company that it can easily afford to send a message to the public without suffering economically. Look at Gone Home, it could have made a horror game, or a shooter, or any other style besides click and read. Yet it decided that the message was more important than selling out to the classic forms of play. Through its unique stance and story people it delivered messages that resonated strongly with people. This is something that all games should strive to do.

Admittedly part of me is glad that there is no political undertones to the game. I play games to relax and escape reality, because of this I am often glad to have a game that challenges me mentally without forcing me to question its messages or meanings beyond the game world. Due to my torn stands I cannot say that Overwatch is a bad game, or that Blizzard is a bad company. I just believe they are missing an opportunity to do some good. The best outlet for the game to spread its potential message would be through its story based clips I mentioned in my first log. The nature of the game could remain the same, but the message and stance of the company would be made more clear. There is just huge potential for them to do some good with their power and success and not taking advantage of that would be selfish and wasteful.

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